In parallel with carrying out the project’s objectives, three (3) main results (Intellectual Outputs) have been foreseen.

  1. IO1: ‘Exploring the role of culture and arts in TCNs’ integration and best practices.

Culture and the arts have a role to play in the process of integrating TCNs, to help them to better understand their new environment and its interaction with their own socio-cultural background, thus contributing to building a more cohesive and open society. The aim of this output is to develop a sound and updated knowledge base necessary for the preparation of the upcoming activities.

  1. IO2: Capacity building programme for professionals working with third country nationals. This Intellectual Output (IO) involves the development of a comprehensive capacity building programme and online platform for professionals, educators, and volunteers working with third country nationals (TCNs) on how to utilise arts as a way of creative expression for TCNs. The development of this program will capitalize on the work performed under IO1. In particular, the content, tools, and methods of the capacity building programme will be defined and selected on the basis of the findings of the transnational report produced in IO1.
  2. IO3: Implementation of the Creativity Labs. Α series of Creativity Labs utilising arts for integration purposes will be implemented in all 6 participating countries, bringing together TCNs and professionals/educators/volunteers. The selected TCNs will participate as trainees in the Creativity Labs that will take place in Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, and UK.
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