The main objective of the In-Create project is to foster and promote the social integration and inclusion of third country nationals (TCNs) through creativity and arts. Implemented in six partner countries, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, and UK, which have significant migrant populations, the purpose of the project is to cultivate creative expression as means to promote social inclusion and integration.

The project will focus on developing and applying pioneer capacity building methodologies on various alternative ways of expression, such as Visual Art, literature, theatre, creative writing, film, and photography. The capacity building methodology of the project will also contribute to the development and enhancement of the skills and competences of:

  1. professionals, educators, and volunteers working with TCNs, who will be trained on how to become tutors for TCNs, and
  2. TCNs who will acquire skills and competences on how to utilise arts as a way of creative expression.

Moreover, the capacity building web platform developed by the project will be an attractive tool with high accessibility and with flexible user-friendly digital development, which will allow easy adaptability in multiple contexts, enhancing, in this way, the integration in learning and training at all levels and supporting its sustainability and compatibility with upcoming social and learning challenges.