Youth Included (Czech Republic) – the coordinator

Youth Included is migrant youth non-profit organization based in Prague, led by a team of academics and experts in youth and community work. Youth Included was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating an open space for creative, sincere and active young people who want to conduct nonviolent change in their neighborhoods and society.

We strive to promote and educate young people by giving them the opportunity to develop and organize projects of their dreams, giving them the opportunity to experience volunteer experience and get to know other cultures. We believe that it is possible to change the world around us through small steps of self-esteem, self-development and free expression of personal opinion. Our organization works with young people (16 to 35 years), since we believe that youth is key to building future generations. We therefore make every effort to provide them with tools for education, raising awareness about the dangers of xenophobia and discrimination and to show them the diversity of the world to which they have a positive impact of intercultural co-existence.


Symplexis (Greece)

Symplexis is a non-for-profit organisation, aiming at elevating social cohesion, serving the modern needs of populations at risk of social exclusion and promoting human rights. All activities designed and implemented by the organisation are user-centered, having a set of values as cornerstone, like impact sustainability, respect to uniqueness and tailor-made approach, user-driven design and implementation, results-based orientation and superior community ideals. Symplexis cooperates with a diversified team of highly dedicated professionals, with a track record of over 200 EU funded projects. The organisation currently employs 10 people and maintains also a wide network of collaborating organisations not only in Greece but almost in all EU countries.

Buyuk Ortadogu Saglik Ve Egitim Vakfi (BOSEV) was founded as an umbrella structure in 2009 by a group of professionals working in the medical and education field, additionally from other sectors like education, sports, and business world, Youth, VET, Adult and ICT. BOSEV aims to support research and rural developments in the city, Ankara, with its rich staff capacity and high profile background. In regards to this aim, BOSEV hosts publications with periodical magazines; has 50 volunteer professional on management board and over 100 members providing their support in the ground based activities ongoing, varied voluntary support; and transfers experience and capacity of over 500 staff working in institutions, incl. hospitals, medical centers, clinics and in the media company.

BOSEV wishes to share its experiences with the population; provide services in educational field with all around Ankara; give direction to the developments in the Youth and Education sector, with research and development activities with cooperation protocols. BOSEV has a national network including several CsOs, schools, local and national authorities, private and state institutions, etc


Diesis Network (Belgium)

Diesis Network is a non-profit European Research and Development Service for the Social Economy, Cooperatives and participative Enterprises. Diesis Network supports the development of the social economy, social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe through the implementation of knowledge-based activities, such as training, project design, consultancy and advisory services, technical assistance and research. In the sector, Diesis Network is one of the widest EU networks covering 20 countries through major national federations and national support networks associating more than 80,000 organisations and 1.2 million workers. Diesis Network is composed by consortia and federations of social economy enterprises, training, advisory and support organisations for the social economy, social business, social innovation. But also works in partnership with like-minded European networks/platforms/think tanks. Diesis Network has been involved in several European project as technical partner.

Understanding the power of film and words to change, engage and inspire both individuals and whole communities, FilmWorks works with marginalised groups – and minority ethnic individuals – creating dynamic community-based skills training programmes on scriptwriting, digital video production and broadcasting; teaching valuable skills while engaging young people in the arts and arts-based education. An accredited training provider for writing and broadcast media skills, FilmWorks Trust empowers individuals who are often under-represented in the creative industries – both on screen and behind the camera – through innovative skills training, forums and work experience, enabling them to access employment in sustainable and well-paid employment. An accredited training course provider for writing and presentation for the broadcast media, FilmWorks Trust empowers marginalised people who are often under-represented in local and pan-European creative and media debates through innovative skills training, forums and work experience to access employment in sustainable and well-paid employment in the UK and across Europe.

Forum Educativo is a Spanish organization with residence in Seville, focused on training and educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of youth and sport, entrepreneurship, languages and social inclusion.

Our programs offer the possibility to improve and learn the skills to become an independent entrepreneur, who strives to face obstacles in life with a sporting spirit. We offer courses for entrepreneurs and freelancers. We give a special place to the acquisition of social skills through counseling and personal mentoring. We encourage new companies and initiatives and make people think laterally and positively about their careers and their future.

ReadLab is a Greece-based research institution that aims to generate positive social and sustainable impact through innovation. It brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized researchers from the fields of engineering, communication technologies, education and social and political sciences with a long experience in project management and implementation of national, EU-funded and international projects. They have cooperated with a wide range of private, public and non-profit organizations in Europe, Middle East and Latin America and the Western Balkans, transferring technical knowledge and designing novel products.

Drawing on the diverse experience and expertise of its staff, the organization provides, among other, research studies, reports and analyses, technology-enhanced learning solutions (e-learning platforms, Moodle, Virtual Learning Environment development, education apps etc.), quality management in education, target group needs-tailored lifelong and adult learning programmes, design and development of training material in a range of fields and sectors, as well as mentoring and support services. ReadLab delivers high-quality research, training, educational, and ICT services to local, national, European and international levels, adapting a human-centered approach and aiming at the promotion of sustainable development and growth.