Report on the role of culture and arts in TCNs’ integration

The first outcome of the project is the national and general report on “Exploring the role of culture and arts in TCNs’ integration and best practices”.

Culture and the arts have a role to play in the process of integrating TCNs, to help them to better understand their new environment and its interaction with their own socio-cultural background, thus contributing to building a more cohesive and open society.

The partners that participated in the developments of these reports output conducted desk research in their countries aiming to:

  • examine the presence of TCNs in culture and arts,
  • explore the role of cultural and arts in the integration of TCNs on local/national/EU level,
  • identify good practices on how to utilize arts for promoting integration of TCNs, and
  • identify issues and needs for improvement.

Each partner country (CZ, GR, ES, BE, TR, UK) produced a report presenting the main findings and conclusions of the desk and field research. Symplexis, the output leader, produced then a comprehensive brief transnational report, consolidating the findings of all national reports. The transnational report summarizes the overall findings across the countries and analyzed the specific capacity building needs of the professionals in terms of the more effective use of arts for the social reintegration of TCNs.

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