Creativity Labs in Spain

We are excited to share the success of our recent event held as part of the “In-Create” Erasmus+ project in Seville. On July 20, 2023, we had the pleasure of hosting a dynamic workshop that brought together creative expression, social economy, and cross-cultural collaboration. A total of 14 South American migrants participated in this engaging session, making it a truly enriching experience.

The workshop was a unique exploration of the intersection between social economy and creative arts, specifically focusing on the versatile technique of decoupage. Participants were introduced to the concept of social economy and its significance in fostering inclusive and sustainable communities. Through interactive discussions and engaging activities, they gained insights into how social economy principles could be applied to their own lives and creative endeavors.

The highlight of the event was the hands-on decoupage workshop, where participants delved into the world of artistic expression. Each participant was provided with materials to create a decoupage piece that symbolized a social or environmental cause they were passionate about. This creative process allowed them to channel their emotions and ideas into visually striking artworks.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in meaningful conversations, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and cultural perspectives. The event fostered a sense of unity among the diverse group of migrants, allowing them to build connections and friendships while exploring the powerful potential of art as a catalyst for change.

Reflecting on the Journey:

As we concluded the event, participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to engage with fellow migrants and share their perspectives. The workshop not only allowed them to explore their artistic talents but also encouraged them to consider the ways in which they can contribute to the social and economic fabric of their new community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who contributed to the success of this event, as well as to our dedicated facilitators who guided the discussions and creative activities. This workshop is a testament to the “In-Create” project’s commitment to fostering creativity, integration, and positive change among migrants.

Stay tuned for more updates from “In-Create” as we continue to explore the transformative power of art and social economy in building a more connected and vibrant society.

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