Creativity Labs in Belgium

At the local level, Diesis Network worked with Le Monde des Possibles to implement the creativity labs. Le Monde des Possibles is a Belgian association based in Liège that develops civic initiatives in the field of cultural action, French language training and awareness-raising to combat inequality and all forms of exclusion. 7 professionals working with migrant TCNs at Le Monde Des Possibles completed the training on the IN-CREATE online platform and then chose two different modules to implement with the TCNs according to their interests and needs. The local organisation organised an internal open call and 12 participants were selected according to their needs, cultural and professional backgrounds. Each module was delivered in two sessions. Each session lasted 3 hours. The creativity labs were designed according to what the trainers learned on the IN-CREATE online platform. The trainers created two PowerPoint presentations for the four days, some icebreakers and games focusing on filmmaking and social economy. The labs provide a safe and supportive space for collaboration. The participants enjoyed working together. There was a good atmosphere, participants responded well to the proposed animations, the theme was understood and at the end there was a good restitution of the theme and good feedback. By engaging in various creative exercises, participants have noticed a significant improvement in their problem-solving skills. They feel more confident in tackling complex issues with creativity and ingenuity. The labs have increased participants’ confidence in expressing their ideas. They now feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions, which has led to a more lively and dynamic learning environment. Many participants have discovered talents they did not know they had during the creativity labs. It’s amazing to see how creativity can unlock hidden potential and bring out the best in people. Engaging in creative activities has proven to be a great stress reliever. Participants found the labs to be a refreshing escape from their daily routines, leading to improved overall well-being and happiness.