Call for participants from the UK to creativity Labs

As you are aware the FilmWorks Trust is a non-profit making Digital-Video Training Agency, and voluntary media initiative. The Trust is taking part in European-wide projects aimed at improving the career chances of migrants and ethnic minorities in the creative sector in the UK. Currently, we are participating in the IN-CREATE project the purpose of which is to address the basic need and challenge of promoting successful integration of third-country nationals (TCNs) within the EU and cultivate creative expression as a means to promoting social inclusion and community cohesion.  One of the outputs of the project is the Creativity Lab which is designed to apply the knowledge, skills, and methodology which we developed together with our European partner organisations. Therefore, we are inviting volunteers, cultural practitioners and educators in the creative field for their feedback into our modules. Upon which we will select two trainers to deliver training in film-making and photography to a group of selected third-country nationals.

As a local authority’s Cultural Strategy to ensure Westminster remains a vibrant, and inclusive cultural hub, and widening opportunities for creative professionals. We are inviting you to participate in our project and test the creative training package specifically designed to improve the skills and integration of third country nationals. The training package can then be used in your personal projects and work. Our aim is to provide a chance for our educators to learn more about the practices of integration and improve their skills in teaching photography, film-making, theatre, and social economy.  Indeed, the learning materials in the package provide ample opportunities for professionals to further their knowledge and skills in the inclusion and integration of TCNs in creative industries.

We are looking to hold the first session on the 31st of July, and we are inviting all participants to register their interest by the 21st of July. We will be awaiting your response!

Here you can find some information about the project .

You will be able to access the course and choose your modules as well as think of feedback, please use the link provided on the website .

We would appreciate your feedback when we will meet to discuss the project and its aims together with other educators in an informal discussion session. We will be providing a safe space for discussion and a meal on the 31stof July at 7 pm. The place of meeting will be near Victoria station and will be confirmed upon RSVP to this email.

Please do feel free to extend this invitation to your colleagues.

We thank you for your attention and are awaiting your response.

With best regards,

Shamim Talukder